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I respond to needs, and you guys have been loud and clear with yours. There’s been a huge influx of women reading my blog who asked me to do a review of the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla itsines, so I decided to look into seeing if I could get a temporary copy or some sort of coupon code. It took a few weeks, but Kayla finally responded…with a no. However, I’m not one to disappoint whenever it’s in my power to avoid doing so!

I purchased the guide myself, all versions of it (BBG 1, BBG 2, and the HELP Nutrition Guide) just so that I could give you a completely fair rundown of the contents contained in it. If you’re a fan of real reviews that can help you determine whether or not a product is a scam or not, you’re in the right place!

BBG Kayla Workout PDF

Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide

You know what’s a bad sign? A program that advertises itself to be the “end-all, be-all” solution to anything. Especially healthy related things, such as just about every fitness guide out there today. And unfortunately, Kayla is no different. Immediately upon going to her blog website, you see notes such as “extremely fast results” “a guaranteed beach body transformation”. Red flag!

In my opinion, good workouts don’t need to advertise themselves by fluffing themselves up like this – they let the results speak for themselves (with sent-in testimonials from actual customers). But moving on…

Who is Kayla Itsines?

A fair question to ask yourself if you’re going to drop X amount of dollars (I’ll go into the exact specifics) on their workout guide. Even doubly so when they slap their own name on the program.kayla itsines face and age

Kayla is 24 years old, and an Australia personal trainer who started in the fitness industry in 2008. Working on a degree in health and exercise fitness, she got used to hearing the standards complaints from women about their own bodies. Compiling information about which diets and exercises would best address these issues was the start of what would later become the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. She’s also just recently created an app called the Sweat with Kayla program.

Content: What’s in the BBG?

Well, it depends on what sort of package/bundle deal you purchase. The breakdown of the PDFs she offers:

-The Kayla Itsines H.E.L.P. Nutrition Guide: $69.97

This nutrition plan covers all your eating needs for two weeks – a guide to meal planning consisting of “fat-burning” foods. There is a vegetarian version as well as a regular version, and both cost the exact same amount.

-The Bikini Body Workout 1.0: $69.97

This is the true BBG program, but it’s cut in half (the Bikini Body Workout 2.0 is a continuation). This guide will last you three months, or 12 weeks, and is all the workouts that you are suggested to complete on a daily basis.

-The Bikini Body Workout 2.0: $69.97

ThBikini Bundleis is the continuation of the first part of the bikini body guide. And yes, you read that right! After the first 3 months, you have to pay an additional $70 to continue for the next 3 months. That’s $140 for a half year’s worth of workouts – and of course at that point you can just cycle them around to complete the full years.

Then there’s an additional exercise/workout guide that costs $19.97. Jeez


There are no coupons or disco.unts available for the BBG, and the best option you have is to cut down the price by buying bundles of the ebooks together (how convenient to reduce the price by making you buy more, classic consumerism).

So, after buying the entire package, I was up to a total of $209.91 for the entire workout plan. You guys better appreciate the effort that I put into giving these reviews…

By the way, this workout plan quickly turned out to be one of the most over-hyped fitness guides I’ve had the displeasure of spending my money on. If you’re not up to continue reading, I suggest you head to my BBG Alternatives page to see how this workout compares to others – and what you should really spend your money on. If, for some reason, you don’t trust my opinion, there are plenty of other websites that review the same program.


FAQ About Itsines’ BBG

Is this program for me if I have special dietary needs?

Yes, actually it is! This is one of the few guides I’ve ever had the pleasure of utilizing that gave an option specifically for Vegetarians. For the sake of being honest, I have to admit that’s a major plus. If you have some sort of gluten or lactose intolerance, Kayla has you covered in that regard as well.

Can I do this program if I’m pregnant/nursing?

No, you 100% should not. Kayla itsines directly states that her program can help you after a pregnancy, but not during one. Some of the equipment she requires you use would be unsafe for a woman carrying, and definitely changing your diet to a low carb, low calorie one would be destructive for the life growing inside you. Pregnant mothers, stay away!

Can this be done at home, or do I need a gym membership?

Well reader, it depends. If you have a gym at home stocked with items such as: kettle bells, a bench, a foam roller, yoga mat, and a medicine ball, then YES – you can do this at home! For everyone else, I’m afraid that you do indeed need a gym membership in order to keep up with the heavy equipment needs that comes with Kayla Itsines’ workout.

Will it help with Diabetes?

Potentially. I would look into other programs though – http://steamspoils.com/7-steps-to-health-and-the-big-diabetes-lie-review for example.

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Pros and Cons of Itsines’ BBG


So, let’s down to brass tax.


  1. The BBG workout is filled with exercises that are relatively easy to actually perform. Not much fluff going on in that department.
  2. Because this workout requires that you exercise daily, you really develop the habit necessary to maintain your health.
  3. The ebook pdf format allows you to access the guide from your phone, tablet, or laptop at the drop of a hat, and you can even do so offline (for those times when you have weak service).


  1. The price! That’s an outrageous cost she has – essentially she’s selling one workout program as two separates guides. Frankly, these ebooks are pretty brief for the amount of dough you’d be dropping.
  2. The biggest prices go for ebooks designed to last only 12 weeks. There are plenty of workouts that are engineered to go year around, and they certainly don’t divide up their price like this.
  3. Outside of the already outrageous price, you have to be ready to spend money on the equipment and/or a gym membership (rarely ever free).
  4. There are no videos or even other types of supplementary material to compliment the guide. You get what you get, nothing more and nothing less.
  5. There’s no money-back guarantee, so you if you buy it and decide you don’t like it you get to flip a coin to determine your odds of receiving the money back. By the way, both these last two points (instructional video and a money back guarantee) are provided by the Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workout.

My Personal Experience with the Bikini Body Guide

So, you know a little bit about me. I look at “guarantees” and “promises” with a sense of scrutiny. But at this point, I was getting a little desperate so I decided to try out the BBG program.

You see, I didn’t just buy this workout plan to review it. I actually needed it. I’m a busy blogger, worker, and mother, and one day stepped on the scale and realized that I had accidentally gained 35 pounds since High School. Whoops!

I tried a few of the more well-known programs, but to be honest I placed most of my hope in Kayla Itsines delivering on a strong workout plan.

And I was flat out disappointed. Looking back, I definitely wasted a grand total of $210 on trusting this guide.

Kayla didn’t create a new set of exercises. She didn’t present any groundbreaking information.  The guide consisted of exercises that you could have easily figured out yourself through a simple Google search. All she did was proceed to combine these workouts into a full routine.

I’ve tried many other workouts plans before the BBG, and I may have to try many others afterwards. I also make sure that I look at what other people are saying about workouts – such as this site that also disliked Kayla’s guide – I even copied much of my formatting/inspiration from them in this review. I should have been smarter and not even given itsines the light of day, but I wanted to see if other guides were better or not. Now I can tell you this – many of those other guides were not only cheaper, but much more efficient overall.

They give you more value for your money. And if you don’t believe me, check out this comparison where I review Kayla itsines against other workout programs.


Also, I’d like to mention that Kayla states that she’s against fad diets, but then proceeds to provide you with exactly that in her help nutrition guide. I mean, 1600 calories a day? An amount under the recommended 2000 calories? If that’s not a fad diet, I don’t know what is.

Running at that intake level, you’re going to see pretty fat results for a week or two, but it’ll take a big toll on your mental health. Before you know it – you’re going on an out of control binge and you’re worse off than you started.

Here’s proof that such a diet can be bad for you:

Proper Nutrition - from WebMD.
Proper Nutrition – from WebMD.

So paying $70 to get on a diet where you’d be messing up your own health sounds a bit ridiculous to me.


I do not recommend the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. AT ALL. You’d be much better off picking a safer workout routine, from someone who actually knows what they are talking about and values your time and money. The Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workout is my personally recommendation for one such guide. You’ll be happier with it – it’s about the same content in a much more information package – including a free instructional video set AND a nutrition guide. Jen’s guide is what I used myself.

I reached this transformation with Jen's help, not Kayla.
I reached this transformation with Jen’s help, not Kayla.

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